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Sadly, many people around the world are still unaware of how important forests really are despite the climate change problem knocking on our door. Many people still do not care whether we'll protect our forests and stop deforestation or not. Public awareness is still not on sufficient level, and this has to change as soon as possible. World needs to hear sad truth about our forests and do everything to stop deforestation. Without our forests, our defense against global warming and climate change will be completely broken. It is really time to wake up from this nightmare, and do everything that is in our power to secure sweet dreams for our future generations.


Forests, especially rainforests are not only home to many unique animals and plants but they also protect us from stronger global warming impact by absorbing carbon dioxide from atmosphere. Deforestation has become big problem around the globe because many forests are being cleared to make room for new farms, and less trees means more impact to global warming and climate change. Not only this, deforestation is also responsible for about 20% of total CO2 emissions from human activities. To save our planet we definitely need to save our forests.



Current rates of deforestation are alarming in many parts of the world, and if this trend continues many forests and rainforests will vanish by the end of this century. Millions hectares of forests are being cleared annually, and deforestation is with no doubt one of the biggest ecological problems world is facing today. Rainforests have the richest biodiversity on our planet, but if current rates of deforestation continue many animals and plants will perish from existence. Just imagine, in less than 100 years we could destroy what nature was developing for millions of years. What an irony this would be...

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